Tae Mok Gwon (Ph.D.), SNU College of Engineering regularly publishes doctoral dissertations through ‘Nature’ publisher (Yonhap News, 20180607)

2018-06-12l Hit 718

On the 7th, SNU College of Engineering announced that it will regularly publish doctoral dissertations from Dept. of ECE through the English publishing company Springer Nature, which prints the international journal ‘Nature’.

Springer Nature selects and periodically publishes doctoral dissertations from top research centers including California Institute of Technology in the U.S., Imperial College in England, and Max Plank Institute in Germany.

SNU Dept. of ECE has signed an agreement with Springer Nature to select 1~2 doctoral dissertations and publish them as books each year.

Earlier on, the doctoral dissertation of Tae Mok Gwon (Ph.D., Dept. of ECE, SNU) on ‘A Polymer Cochlear Electrode Array: Atraumatic Deep Insertion, Tripolar Stimulation, and Long-Term Reliability’ was published as an individual volume.

Doctor Gwon is the first in Korea to publish a doctoral dissertation as a book in Springer Nature.

Professor Byoungho Lee, Chair of Dept. of ECE, SNU, said, “SNU libraries provide access to doctoral dissertations, but not many from abroad look them up. By regularly publishing through a world-renowned publisher, it is anticipated that SNU’s doctoral dissertations will receive wider international attention.”

Source: http://ee.snu.ac.kr/community/news?bm=v&bbsidx=47481
Translated by: Jee Hyun Lee, English Editor of Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, jlee621@snu.ac.kr