Professor Jung-Ik Ha, Next leader of Electrical Engineering (20180504)

2018-06-01l Hit 670

Professor Jung-Ik Ha is an expert in electrical energy systems whose current research focuses on application areas based on micro-scale converters and wireless power transfer technology. He has collaborated with world-renowned domestic and global automobile, electronic companies to develop new technologies that can increase the energy efficiency of cars, including electric cars, and white goods, and has also conducted numerous government projects.

Specifically, some of the government projects he is participating in are the campus microgrid project with LSIS, which tries to increase the energy efficiency of our campus using IT technologies, cost reduction for industrial robots, and long distance energy transmission for microscale surgical robots.

 “Increasing the energy efficiency of home electronics is becoming more and more important.  If the energy efficiency of one home appliance is increased by just 0.1%, a significant amount of energy can be saved when tens to hundreds of thousands, or more of them are sold. Even if a single industrial machine consumes a lot of energy, the demand for it is low. Therefore, enhancing the home electronics technology is much more significant for the energy efficiency of the country.”

Due to this, on top of many government projects, Professor Ha is also working with companies to increase the energy conversion efficiency.

Research related to electric motor driving and control has been the so-called specialty area that he focused on since he worked in the industry, before coming to SNU as a professor in 2010.

In fact, while working in S Electronics for 7 years, he made significant contributions by taking part in research on increasing the energy efficiency of various home electronics such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines.

Recently, he has showed interest in medium voltage technologies and is conducting research in this field.

 “I am studying new technologies related to medium-voltage through conferences. Especially in Europe, research on applying the medium voltage in electronics and IT is actively in progress and is also producing a lot of results. We also have to proactively work on how to merge medium voltage technology and electronics and IT to effectively control energy, reduce wastage, and increase the efficiency. The campus microgrid project we are currently working on is also highly related to this. Starting from collecting the energy consumption data on campus, we need further technology to take ‘action’.”

Meanwhile, Professor Ha plans to work towards his goal of developing electrical energy technology that will preserve the environment and bring positive change in the world.

 “For our descendants, we should not destroy the earth and preserve it well. To do this, we need to research more actively on related technology. Hydrogen vehicles, electric vehicles, and different renewable energy became a reality. However, those related technologies are not appreciated enough in our country. In fact, the ratio of renewable energy generation if far from the global average. Although we know why renewable energy is down rated, now we should have the urge and philosophy to preserve the environment. We have to make use of our current technology for our descendants. I would like to utilize our electric energy-related technology to protect our environment. “

Translated by Kyungjin Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,