Industry Connection Program

SNU ECE department offers various Industry Connection Programs linked with domestic and international corporations targeting academic enhancement of a graduate program. Especially, the goal of these programs is to educate talented minds that fulfill the demands of the industry. Currently, major domestic corporations such as Samsung and Hynix are participating in the program and more programs are in course of preparation.

  • "Practical Applications of Engineering Knowledge" Internship Program

    ECEl May 6, 2013 l Hit 6244

    In this course, students learn to apply both basic and advanced engineering skills they have mastered in the classroom to the industry site. Students also learn to synthetically analyse engineering applied cases, covered areas, and improvement plans. Students then make a presentation about engineering applied ...

  • Industry Connection Internship Program

    ECEl May 6, 2013 l Hit 6920

    Every year at ECE department, talented students are selected for Industry Connection Internship Program linked with major corporations. Selected students work as an internship in corresponding company and experience real live engineering tasks in the field. Students with exceptional performance are given a chance to...

  • Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd Education Program

    ECEl May 6, 2013 l Hit 5824

    (a) Starting from 2011 to 2013, this program supports students with the total annual budget of 150 million won to promote new advancing IT technologies in the fields of shipbuilding, solar energy, power generation, and smart grid technology by educating talented young professionals. (b) Contract date: February 15, 2...

  • LG Display Industry Connection &Outstanding Student Training Program (LGenius Program)

    ECEl May 6, 2013 l Hit 5936

    (a) This five-year program started in 2012 supports students with the total annual budget of 380 million won. The goal of this programs is to benefit both institutions and to promote technologies in the fields of electronic displays by educating young professionals. (b) Contract date: September 18, 2011 (For next 5 ...