4-Departments Seminar

By inviting experts both in and out of the university, 4-Department Seminar provides opportunities in expanding leadership skills through broadening professional knowledge related to corresponding major to ECE undergraduate senior students and graduate students. This seminar continues its tradition by keeping its name "4-Departments Seminar" where 4-Departments represent Electrical, Electronic, Control, and Computer Engineering Departments that fused into the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department later on.

Through this seminar students learn about global standard and direction of each major field of study to plan their future careers ahead. Moreover, we are giving students a chance to find out the role of engineering in this society, their interaction, and problems to solve, not just solving given issue at hand.

Along with that, seminar invites engineers currently working in a corporation or a research center to allow students to get in touch with a live experience of the field. Students will then construct a groundwork for becoming a leader of this society by developing a broad perspective and reasoning.

Theory of Strategic Management of Technology

Theory of Strategic Management of Technology

This seminar introduces rapidly changing business and recent trend in technology that is under the spotlight for being a growth engine of the next generation in electrical engineering industry, presenting industry insight and career planning that is essential to engineers. Seminar focuses on the necessity of the growth engine, major business/trend in new technology with unsolved issues, and development of values and leadership an engineer must possess. Lecturers comprised of CEOs and directors of research vividly convey engineering development experience.

BK21 Seminar

Under the supervision of BK21 Information Technology Business, seminars are held frequently with the best researchers from in and out of the country. Furthermore, a seminar about research agreement with the University of Michigan is held every year.

Lectures from World Renowned Scholars

SNU ECE department has invited over 200 World Renowned Scholars around the world for last 5 years, participating vigorously in international academic exchange. These seminars offer students a chance to meet world renowned scholars, revitalize in-depth research of corresponding research lab, and significantly contribute to the academic exchange network.