Student Registration

Registration consists of a) payment of tuition fees, b) course enrollment, c) and submitting a student data form. Registration is deemed complete after all the registration procedures have been completed according to instructions. Once registration is complete, the applicant becomes an SNU student.
Tuition Payment

As a national institution, Seoul National University offers opportunity of the best education at low expense with the average tuition fee being 6,000 USD per semester. Please note that tuition fees vary according to a student’s major and the number of credits taken.

Tuition fees are normally paid twice a year before each semester begins. First semester (spring semester) registration takes place at the end of February, and Second semester (fall semester) registration takes place at the end of August each year. Specific due dates will be noticed on the university website.

It is the University’s policy that students are responsible for their tuition bill. This responsibility includes reviewing their tuition fees statement online and making sure their tuition fees are paid by the due date. The University may deny registration to those students whose bills are not paid by the established deadline.

Tuition Fee Chart

- Undergraduate Tuition Fee Chart (2013) Download

- Graduate Tuition Fee Chart (2013) Download

Tuition Payment Procedures
- Print your tuition bill online.
- Pay the tuition either at home via internet banking or at a bank via ATM, credit card, or cash.
- Issue the Certificate of tuition payment online if needed.