eSangSang Student Center

eSangSang Student center is providing ECE students with useful information for career planning and giving counselling sessions regarding various matters. 

학생센터 e생생


‘eSangSang Student Center’ was established in June 2010 to support students with counselling service about academic concerns, problems with personnel nature, and career planning. Operative counselling programs may be categorized into two major groups of academicㆍcareer planning counselling and psychological counselling.

Academic counselling programs

  • Freshman Helper
    In this program, a sophomore under the same academic advisor helps a junior student with initial hardships such as course registration and college life adaptation.
  • Major Course Tutoring
    This is a one-on-one tutoring program by senior students to assist junior students in overcoming difficult concepts encountered in major courses.
  • Major Course Study Group
    This program facilitates organizing study groups to assist students in studying major courses.
  • Course Registration Guidance/Approval
    This program provides a guidance in a course registration by enforcing students to get an approval from their academic advisor every semester.
  • Academic achievements and life monitoring
    This program monitors students with their academic achievements at the end of each semester and provides them with appropriate informations for more desirable college life.

Career planning counselling programs

  • Alumni Mentoring Program
    This program invites successful alumni as a mentor to undergraduate students broadening their perspectives.
  • Career Get-together
    Students gather online and offline to share informations about graduate school, employment, and major national examination.

Psychology tests & Psychological Counselling Program

  • Psychology tests
    Career Search: aptitude exploration tests are available to provide students with aptitude information as well as corresponding career information.
    Personality Tests: Students receive informations about current mental state and strengths and weaknesses of their personality through Personality type tests.
    Sophomore group tests: Newly arrived SNU ECE department students are to take sophomore group tests to check their psychological wellbeing and how well they have adapted into college life.
  • Psychological counselling
    Personnel counselling: resolving difficulties regarding life habit, personnel relationships, and emotional issues with a professional counsellor.
    Group counselling: sharing personnel stories about a predetermined subject such as overcoming presentation nervousness and low self-esteem to help each other’s maturing process.
Contact Information : Eun-Young, Yu / 02-880-7305